Monday, 26 September 2011

Mohd Zuraime aka Uncle Mok

Mohd Zuraime aka Uncle Mok (duduk)
Born on the 21st March 1982 ... premature ... weighing 2.9 kg one knows how the future lies when everyone was watching him through the glass of his nursery bed with all leads and purple light eyes covered and no sound from him not even a sneeze.....but ALLAH swt is NEVER too far from him ... he grew up well and never a day that he has ever hurt anyone..... went through lots of thick and thin with the family but still standing tall .... now he is 29 years of age and this is one of his biggest achievement by far that makes the family proud ... as a mother every children born are a GIFT to US..... insyallah we will be compentiated...

This picture is in NONA October issue.......

At Cullinaire Malaysia 2011 at KLCC
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Lamb Loin with Mint Pesto that was presented at the
Cullinaire Malaysia 2011 by Mohd Zuraimei aka Uncle Mok ....


  1. Congratulations to Uncle Mok. May God bless you and your family. Wishing Uncle Mok will be success in his career.