Thursday, 29 September 2011


Minie Mouse Cupcakes - Bella's 6th B'day

Cupcake shaped Sugar Cookies  

Princess Cupcakes - Bella's 6th B'day

Main attraction during Bella's 6th B'day

Simple Butterfly shaped Carrot Cupcakes - Arneeda's 31st B'day 

2010 was CUPCAKES crazy .... so every event in the family without failed there must be cupcakes ..... some are homemade and some are made to order .....

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mini Tuna Puff

This has been the favourite of the family for all time.  A very simple bite size snack recipe  yet tasty and never failed to satisfy anyone.  

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Chocolate ganache

Making chocolate ganache for frosting chocolate cake or toppings for cupcakes can be one tedious job so here is a video on how you can get if not 100% perfect ganache but at least a pat on your shoulder will make you proud ......

Squid in Cumin and Turmeric Sauce

Not much can be said about this recipe its simple but tasted yummylious (hehehehehe Roselinda Abdullah's term) .... this was actually last night's dinner and it disappeared right away....

Monday, 26 September 2011

Fried Tenggiri Sauted in Fresh Tomatoes and Fresh Red Chilies

As today is a real hectic day with Baby Airin there nothing much activity in the kitchen can be done...its all about her and her only....hehehehehe....its Baby Airin Monday Blues as Mummy Sasha Rahmat said.....yea you are absolutely right Mummy Cha.....

(click here for recipe)

Mohd Zuraime aka Uncle Mok

Mohd Zuraime aka Uncle Mok (duduk)
Born on the 21st March 1982 ... premature ... weighing 2.9 kg one knows how the future lies when everyone was watching him through the glass of his nursery bed with all leads and purple light eyes covered and no sound from him not even a sneeze.....but ALLAH swt is NEVER too far from him ... he grew up well and never a day that he has ever hurt anyone..... went through lots of thick and thin with the family but still standing tall .... now he is 29 years of age and this is one of his biggest achievement by far that makes the family proud ... as a mother every children born are a GIFT to US..... insyallah we will be compentiated...

This picture is in NONA October issue.......

At Cullinaire Malaysia 2011 at KLCC
(click to see photos)

Lamb Loin with Mint Pesto that was presented at the
Cullinaire Malaysia 2011 by Mohd Zuraimei aka Uncle Mok ....

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Steamed Chocolate Moist Cake

Puteri Camelia Chinta born on 13th September 2008 ... this is her 1st birthday cake from Wan ... and wonderfully everyone love this cake ... it immediately becomes a hit from all the cucus ..... recipe from a friend from Facebook Nurul Hama and it's a THUMBS UP .......

Enjoying their Steamed Chocolate Moist Cake ..... Chinta with the white headband
Enjoying a piece of the Steamed Chocolate Moist cake and coffee after a hard days wonder the cucus were all quiet and behave enjoying their piece last night....... 

Sunday Project with the grandchildren ... Non Baked Chocolate Cornflake.....

 its chaos when the cucus come visit ..... and they usually looked forward to projects that grandma planned for them ..... never a minute is peace and quiet at grandma's when the little ones come visit ..... but I am always looking forward to be with the cucus too.... and am the most hyperactive compared to the cucus..... hehehehehehhe

Non Baked Chocolate Cornflakes